Guillermo Cuellar

I’m a classical pianist and composer in love with life and patterns and to persue a very personal aesthetic ideal, I create the 18 Random Days musical project.

18 Random Days

18 RD is where I compose music that expresses profound emotions from contemporary subjects. I started to compose the music of the first album in late 2018 and recorded in May 2019. Hopefully, there will be another this year. Visuals are important to the whole project and for the start, I’ve been working very close with mexican photographer Gabriel Ortíz.

Time Before

It’s a fact that the sun light takes 8 minutes to reach us on Earth. Imagine this: something happens to our star, something that turn its light off and we know exactly when is going to fail.

The whole idea of the use of time (in this scenario, as the clock ticks away), inspired me to make this album. In a symbolic way, TIME (instead of 8 minutes literally), was part of a train of thoughts related to: space-time, chaos, light reflection, microuniverses, and technology obsolescence.